Green tea for Weight Loss: Side Effects and Functioning

May 27, 2019

If you want to remove all impurities from your body and keep yourself always refresh and active. Then you should definitely try Green tea. It has some major minerals and vitamins which play an important role in proper digestion and making your immune system work effectively. It is made up of herbal plant called Camellia sinensis which is used in making several types of teas.

Green tea is widely used in China and India because it has lots of health benefit and it is also very popular in the United States. Green tea help in increasing your blood circulation and balancing your sugar level.

Health benefits

The element that presents in green tea can help your brain work faster and smarter and increase your brain functioning. The main element that is helpful in making green very healthy and effective is caffeine. Which is also called stimulant.

There are lots of antioxidants are present in green tea which helps in decreasing the risk of cancer. Basically, cancer caused by unusual growth of cells inside your body is the major cause of death all over the world.

There there is a wide variety of green tea available in the market. Green tea help in preventing us from various elements of cancer.

After a big study, it is proven that a person who is taking green tea on a regular basis the risk of heart stroke and heart problem reduce up to 70%.

Side effects of Green Tea

There are very less amount of side effect caused by green tea following risk and side effect are discussed down below if you want to read more about green tea you can read out paragraph you have mentioned all information about green tea.

Caffeine sensitive – Those who take green tea in a high amount can face lots of problems, for example, anxiety, irritation, nausea, and upset stomach.

Blood thinner – Those people who take green tea in a heavy amount can face blood thinness which results in weakness drinking too much green tea can reduce the effectiveness of Platelets.

Headaches: Drinking too much green tea may result in heavy headaches. Because green tea contains a heavy amount of caffeine in it. If you want to to get relief from your headache then avoid taking too much green tea.

If you are suffering from any kind of medical condition or you are a lady who is pregnant right now and you have any kind of heart problem high blood pressure for kidney problem you should immediately avoid taking green tea it can harm you more and show adverse side effects on your health.


After big studies it is suggested by doctors and experts that while purchasing green tea check the quality and brand properly then buy it for your consumption otherwise it can show some harmful effects on your health taking a good quality green tea may always be healthy for you.

Green tea contains about 2% to 4% cafe which is helpful in making our brain effective and increase our thinking process and keeping our body alert.

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