Health benefits of Pumpkins and nutritional breakdown

May 27, 2019

The fun part of the pumpkin is that you can make sweets from it. It is rich in vitamin a and has lots of vitamins and minerals present in it. It is also beneficial in keeping our body healthy and a strong immune system.

Health benefits

Pumpkin has a variety of benefits some of them are really good and really effective in making you more healthy and increase your stamina the major benefits of pumpkin are given below.

Control blood pressure: If you eat pumpkin in the good amount it will definitely provide you some magical benefit which is unbelievable if contain lots of vitamin and minerals, for example, fiber potassium and vitamin c this element help in keeping your heart healthy.

After long research, it is proven that pumpkin contains enough amount of potassium in it and potassium is important in decreasing sodium which results in the treatment of hypertension and high blood pressure.

Decrease cancer risk: Experts suggested that pumpkin contains antioxidant vitamin c vitamin e and beta carotene which is helpful in reducing the effect of colon cancer.

Immune System Strong: Pumpkin contains some active antioxidant which protects our immune system by diseases and infections. Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin c and beta- carotene. which is helpful in better digestion and making our immune system strong.

Nutritional breakdown

Pumpkin is the king of nutrition it contains nutrition and mineral which are highly effective and have lots of benefits.

1 cup of fresh cooked pumpkin provides you this amount of minerals and vitamins:

49 calories

About 12 grams of carbs

Around 3 grams of fiber

About 49% of vitamin k

Around 19 % of vitamin c

About 16% of potassium

About 11 % of copper and magnesium

Around 10% of vitamin e

Around 6% of folate

Why Eat Pumpkins

Generally, pumpkins are very famous in making sweets and it is very easy to cook pumpkin making pancakes with pumpkins are famous worldwide.

There are different types of food which we can be made by pumpkin we can make pumpkin soup or roast it with our daily vegetables.

There are lots of snacks can be made by pumpkin also, some of the snacks are very popular in the United States and in Asian countries.


The benefits of pumpkin vary from person to person as everyone has different body structures. If a person who is suffering from any kind of medical condition may face some kind of issues related to the pumpkin. In your medical condition please avoid pumpkin flavored food.

If any food mentions that it contains pumpkin in it. It doesn’t mean that it will be healthy for your health drinking too much spicy pumpkin drinks main make your digestive system work improperly.

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